"Finally...How ANY Woman Can Learn To Make Money on the Internet...

Even If She's Just Getting Her Surfing Feet Wet...

No Matter How Tight Her Budget...and

Using What She Already Knows!"
To Future Business Women,

My name is Kathy Woodard (Wilson), and I am a successful author, columnist and home and garden expert and editor of several very popular websites including The Budget Decorator, The Garden Glove, Decorating Your Small Space and now The Budget Chef.  I am a home decorating expert for LifeTimeTV.com and Galtime.com and I have a self sydicated column read by hundreds of thousands each month. But this wasn't always so!

For almost ten years, I have struggled to create a business on the internet so that I could stay at home for my kids...and I found a way to do it, on very little money, and with skills and interests I already had... and I am here to show you how you can do it too.

If You Are Online Right Now, Then You Can Build a Successful Internet Business!

At one time, I had eight kids in my household! You heard right,  8 kids! The fact is, I know I was put on this earth to be a Mom, and it's the best worst job there is! But reality was, there was one income and lots of bills. Sound familiar? So I started brainstorming ways I thought would bring in a decent income, while letting me stay home. I tried daycare for awhile...it wasn't for me. I took a tax preparer's course...couldn't even stick with it long enough to finish the course! I finally realized I was going about it the wrong way...I was never going to make a successful business out of something I either hated, or just plain didn't enjoy, and I didn't have the money to open a shop, or invest in a business that required inventory. So I decided to find out what I loved, become the best, and make it fly...no more giving up, and no more excuses. And thats exactly what I did.

Now don't get me wrong, it took me quite awhile to learn what I needed to, made some BIG mistakes along the way, and changed course several times...but such is the nature of owning your own business. And thats why I'm here. To teach you all how to do exactly what I did, using what you love and know, no matter how tight your budget, how lacking your education, what your age or circumstance, or how little time you have. And you have an advantage I didn't...You have the opportunity to learn from my mistakes, and my successes!

In my new ebook, you WILL LEARN:

*The one exercise that will help you to choose a business that is perfect for you;one that you will love and enjoy, and where to find free training to become an expert!

*How ANY Woman can get started for less than $10.

*How to avoid scams, and worse...legitimate business opportunities that are a waste of your money.

*How to learn all the computer and internet basics you will need, for free!

*How to build a website yourself- yes, anyone can do this if you follow my ebook.

*Why you don't have to spend one cent on advertising. (And still get business)

*How to find and keep a loyal following of customers, for free!

*Discover techniques to make money with your website without advance investment, inventory, or shipping.

*How to build on your business, and help it to grow.

*How to manage the house, the kids, and your sanity...and still make money!

*Get organized- make money.

*Tips on saving money in the household so you can keep your business dreams on track.

*Get a listing of all the companies and resources I use, and trust.

*How to find a sense of self in building a business you can be proud of!

*How to manage and overcome your anxieties and insecurities that have stopped you from starting a business.

*Special section just for women...inspiration for living, ideas on how to pamper and treat yourself, and taking time for YOU.

You can't lose with our 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee

Here's my guarantee: If after 60 days, you don't feel this ebook offered you all the info you needed to get started building a business on the internet, I will refund your purchase price in full, and you can keep the free ebooks as my gift! Yes, free bonus ebooks!

Act Now and Receive 6 Free Bonuses

Purchase "How ANY Woman Can Learn To Make Money on the Internet" and not only do you get a discount price right off the bat (Don't worry, I'm getting to that!), you get these free bonuses, valued at over $500...

New- *Free Bonus One personal  coaching session with author and editor of Women on the Net, Kathy Woodard, free! Coaching sessions conducted via email. Get your business up and running with Kathy's personal step by step advice!

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This ebook continues to be a best seller, and it's not only yours
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Great ebook teaches you to use email to grow your business written in simple and easy to understand language.

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This preview edition actually helps you eliminate the cuses of stress, reversing the stressful habits and midsets you've suffered with all your life. Great book for all of us!

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Terrific guidance on getting out of debt, how to handle creditors, what to do to avoid bancruptcy, how to slash your bills...

Eight Additional Free Bonuses, just for our readers!

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89 Money Savers for Todays Economy

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Copycat Restaurant Recipes

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Make it Yourself Hair and Skin Care

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Keeping Kids Busy!

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Homemade Luxury Bath Products

You will be able to download the ebook and the free bonuses immediately, just follow the link after payment.

Now, you have been wondering through this whole message...what's this gonna cost? And part of you didn't want to believe you'll be able to afford this, that this was just another one of those ebooks that sound real great, but cost a fortune! Most of the business and marketing ebooks that you can find by reputable authors on the net cost upwards of $100, or more. And some of them are worth it. But I've already read and learned from them; and since I was a tight budget Mom starting out, I want to help other women out there who are on tight budgets, but want to start an online business! After all, being on a tight budget is what prompted me to start The Budget Decorator, and find my success!

So I am offering my ebook  "How ANY Woman Can Learn To Make Money on the Internet" for  less than a night out at the local pizza place!

Order now, and receive the ebook and all THIRTEEN free bonuses and the email coaching session valued at over $500 for just $24.95...

A Department of Health and Human Services study says that over 96% of Americans do not achieve financial independence.  Owning your own business could make sure you are NOT one of those 96%!

Owning your own business is a choice. And it's a choice ANY woman can make, like I did.

You can do this...where do you want to be a year from now? Right where you are now? No? Then what are you gonna do about it?

Order now and see if you don't:

*Feel instant hope and satisfaction at FINALLY doing something for yourself.

*Know that you HAVE the determination to do exactly what I've done.

*Start planning how your life will improve when your finances improve!

*Feel the pride at contributing to your and your families financial security.

So take advantage of this special price, get your free ebooks, and your money back guarantee...all for less than the price of pizza night. (BTW...one of my sites, The Budget Chef can help you with that stuff, too!)

Remember, you have nothing to lose, except time and money. Order now, do something now, improve your life now!

Kathy Woodard (Wilson), Author, Consultant

P.S. Remember, there is no risk, it's guaranteed! And you know I've been on the internet since 1997, (Check me out at KathyWoodard.com!) so no more spending your hard earned money with fly by night get rich quick gurus, who are just out to get what little cash you have! Are you going to let them keep lining their pockets, when you can take advice from a real Mom, who's REALLY done this?

Order now, there won't be a better time next week, or when the kids get a little older, or after next payday. Act. Or NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

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Warning: 96% of Women Will NEVER Find Financial Independence...Keep Reading to Find out How a Stay at Home Mom Built a Successful Online Business and Career with No College Degree, No Experience on the Internet, Too Little Money and Too Little Time... Just Like Many of You... and How You Can Do It Too!
Kathy Woodard (Wilson), Author, Home Decorating Expert, Editor, Internet Business Coach
Hi Kathy,
"I'd purchased your book and bonuses a while back and I thought it was a
great compilation of info. Lots of great tips and inspiring ideas. Very easy
to read and worth the money that I had paid for it especially with
the bonuses. Unfortunately I've lost all of the info. I've been tempted to
order it again. I do notice you have some info on your website that was in
the web book that offers some great tips and links.
Keep up the great work!"

-Lisa Gallant

Editors Note: We hooked Lisa up with her download page!
F.A.Q.   Frequently Asked Questions

Q.I don't know anything about business or the internet, can I do this?

A. Yes, if you know enough to be on this website, you can start your own online business. "How ANY Woman can Learn to Make Money on the Internet" is designed just for women like you!

Q. But I'm not an expert in anything, what type of business would I start?

A. Everyone has the capacity to be an expert at something they love, even if you aren't one right now. The ebook has resources on how you can find what you love, and become an expert yourself, at little or no cost.

Q. Does this have anything to do with network marketing? I have had enough of those programs.

A. While some women do start successful network marketing businesses online, I am not a proponent of them. Short answer is no.

Q. What if I buy the ebook and can't figure out how to download it?

A. If you ever have any trouble with the ebooks, you can email me for support at kw.publishing@gmail.com. I will get back to you within one day.

"Great ideas though I haven't had a lot of time to implement any of them yet, I plan on getting everything up and going by the end of May. Just wanted you to know that your time has not been wasted. It has helped me a lot."

Thank You,
Beverly Johnson
"There is a lot of information in your book.  I don't think I've ever read
such a thorough, step-by-step action plan for starting a web business-
especially an informational site.

Working online has made a "world of difference" to our family budget,
that is for sure.
You can't beat working at home.  I was sick all winter....yet still able to
drag myself into my office to do what needed to be done to get the website
running smoothly and the ezines published.

I do believe you offer excellent information in your ebook."

-Nikki Willhite, mother of three, and an
Interior Design Graduate, is the editor of The Pennypincher
Ezine and Tightwad Tidbits Daily.  Visit her at
http://www.allthingsfrugal.com - more than just money!
" Kathy has spelled out the essentials of starting a business at home, and using the Internet to make it happen. Her tips and detailed steps will be an asset to any woman's aspirations to stay home and make some money on the side."
~Jonni McCoy, author and founder, www.miserlymoms.com

"Kathy has a winner. I've seen a lot of guides to
starting a business for women but never one that covers every
conceivable aspect of the internet in great detail and how to
balance that business with running a home and family.

Kathy shows you how to choose just the right business, how to
get started, how to put it on the internet, how to promote it,
what you need to know to operate a business, how to manage your
finances and even a quick start checklist.

And, the most important benefit to Kathy's new ebook! She tells
you how to take what you already know and love and, with little
or no money, turn that into a constant source of income."

Terry Rigg
Budget Stretcher
"Do you wonder if it is possible for you to use the Internet to generate
additional income for your family? Or maybe you know it's possible, but just
don't know how to go about doing it. With her new e-book, Kathy  takes
you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through the maze of Internet
entrepreneurship. Whether you are a complete newbie or someone who already has some Internet business experience under your belt, this book will
provide you with the tools you need to get to the next level."

Nancy Twigg
Author, Speaker, Editor of Counting the Cost Ezine
Kathy Woodard's
women on the net
-where ANY woman can learn to make money on the internet!-
Get the book, and the FOURTEEN free bonuses for only $24.95!
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Read free excerpt here...
Read free excerpt here...
Ebook and 14 free bonuses valued at over $500 for only $24.95!
Special.... Ebook and 14 free bonuses valued at over $500 for only $24.95
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