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One of the places women spend the most is on beauty and style. Here are some easy and inexpensive shortcuts with some of the best budget beauty tips around!

13 Best Budget Beauty Tips
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Editors Note: Excellent article on what we can take from the economic downturn, and how it can change us into better, more aware people for our future... So that this doesnt happen again to our children. One of the reasons we advocate for starting your own business here at WOTN!
Lessons Learned From a Recession - Getting Stronger, Getting Better

Relationships Advice
Emotional abuse is one of the most insidious forms of abuse a woman can suffer. Often, a woman doesn’t even realize that the unhappiness she feels has a name: abuse. According to mental health experts today, even if it is never physical…it is still abuse. Emotional abuse or psychological abuse has only recently been recognized as a legitimate form of abuse, and is hard to identify or prove. It affects everyone within a home no matter who is the target of abuse. 
Emotional Abuse: Signs Women Need to Know
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Many women want to drop a few pounds, but fitting exercise into our already busy routines can be impossible to do. And who wants to “diet”? Not a big fan myself. However, there are many small changes you can make each day that can quickly add up to a healthier lifestyle

10 Ways to Burn 100 Calories without Even Trying!
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Having been lucky enough to have been a stay at home mom, I know what its like to get those blues. You know what I mean. Those, “ I should be so fulfilled, cause Im so lucky to be home with my kids, but why do I want to strangle the cat by the end of the day” blues? Call them what you will, they exist for all of us, even those perfect social media moms who never have a bad day or a dish in the sink, and post endless pics of her perfect children and perfect life. .
Stay at Home Mom? 5 Ways to Beat the Mommy Blues
Hobbies and Creativity
Life is all about balance... and when you are starting an internet business, or running an existing business, it's really easy to put so much effort in that you forget to have any fun! Relaxation is paramount to not suffering business burnout. If you have a hobby or a pastime, don't let it go by the wayside. Schedule time in for yourself at least once a week to do something that has absolutely nothing to do with your business... or anyone elses needs.
Hobbies and Creativity
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We've searched the web for the best outdoor room makeovers to give you budget minded ideas that you can use today!

5 Best Outdoor Room Makeovers, on a Budget!

Budget Beauty Tips
What your biggest obstacle to working at home?Money
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Best outdoor room makeovers
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DIY Fabric Softener Sheet

Pour one bottle of liquid fabric softener into a large container with lid.

Fill the empty softener container with water and add it to the container.

Repeat to give you a 2:1 mixture of water to fabric softener.

Drop sponges into the mixture.

Grab a sponge, wring out the excess liquid, and add it to the dryer with your wet clothes.

Seal your container between uses.

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Thank you for being a loyal reader of Women on the Net! Here is your complimentary e-copy of my book, The Stress Less Journal: Your Path from Stress to Comfort

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With a couple of tricks, it's not hard to save more money. Women are in charge of family finances more than 70% of the time according to surveys, so ladies, listen up!

Top 8 Ways Women can Save Money